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Re: [pdt-dev] About @Nullable and @NotNullable annotations


I had a plan to write similar mail next week:D

+1 and I think we can reuse Dltk annotations


Od: Dawid Pakuła
Wysłano: piątek, 20 maja, 15:09
Temat: [pdt-dev] About @Nullable and @NotNullable annotations
Do: PDT Developers

Hi Team,

I have a proposition to start using @Nullable and @NotNullable  annotations. This can save a lot of a time, one none remember if parameter can be null or not.

Also eclipse since 4.6 can reuse these annotations to provider better validation.

We can create own or reuse from org.eclipse.dltk.annotations.

What you think?

Dawid Pakuła