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[pdt-dev] Locale Package Development with PDT and Composer

Hey guys,

I've been on a mission for this, since I created the composer eclipse plugin with Robert - well, JDT inspired me.

First, let me introduce what I mean by locale package development: Nowadays, php devs create package and not seldom multiples of them that often depend on each other. If you have an update ready, you need to roundtrip packagist, which is around ~3 coffee for each update ;) I tried to avoid the packagist roundtrip and created a plugin to simply symlink and read package descriptions from where they are on the local HDD [1] (The plugin is more of a research project with the intention of contributing this back into composer itself). You can read more about composer local development at [2].

Now, the job of any IDE would be to help with that.

1) Regardless of composer being used or not, PDT should support taking other projects into its build path [3]. Now, with composer installed, it would realize, that one of the packages under vendor/ is symlinked and is also a project present in the current workspace. It would add this project into the build path instead of the paths found in composer autoload. (Since this issue is discussed right now, I'd like to share that background on this).

2) Follow symlinks on cmd/ctrl+click: Since composer automatically marks a vendor/ dir as derieved, there is a warning when one tries to change a file there, which is correct. If sb cmd/ctrl+clicks on something and the if the target of that is symlinked and the original files are a project under the current workspace, the original file can be opened instead, see [4] and [5].

Would like to hear your comments.


[1] https://github.com/gossi/composer-localdev-plugin
[2] http://gos.si/blog/composer-development-with-local-dependencies
[3] http://eclip.se/444226
[4] http://eclip.se/492188
[5] http://eclip.se/492187