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[pdt-dev] Odp.: Smart Import

Ok, I think "**/index.php" + "**/composer.json" will be enough for initial implementation. Other cases like Symfony projects we can add later. 

Because smart project import is part of new Neon API this feature should be separate bundle and separate entry in update site. Of course we can add it to EPP package also &#X1f60a

I will update bug report and prepare implementation. 


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Temat: Re: [pdt-dev] Smart Import

how about **/index.php? , will be much faster than *.php and probably will find correct project.

But for example symfony projects haven’t index.php (even in vendor). They use web/app.php file.

Dawid Pakuła

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Great! This was in my TODO list for research, but I've never found the time

I think having 'public/index.php' is also quite popular for PHP projects. 'index.php' in the project root might be also a good criterion.


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Hi All,

I'm thinking about implementing smart import support[1] for PHP projects. The main challenge is to define best strategy for project detection. First and easiest to detect is 'composer.json'. Framework gives option to scan whole project but I wonder if just searching for *.php files will not be to general. Let me know what do you think about it



[1] https://wiki.eclipse.org/E4/UI/Smart_Import

Smarter import framework Purpose. Currently, when importing a project, users are facing the difficult choices of What project they're importing and How to import it.

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