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[pdt-dev] Semantic Analysis in PDT

Hi All,

I want to start discussion around semantic analysis in PDT. This topic is covered in PDT Extensions and also in Zend Studio. Now we have first SA rule in PDT[1]. I think it is time to provide base for SA in PDT. One point where all extensions can add own validators in ordered way.Â

From technical point of view I don't have full vision how it should look. I think main change is to choose best approach how/when validate source code. For many checks full indexing is necessary for other only AST tree. To start with something I will write few ideas:
* one common preference page, categories similar to JDT
* maybe each extension can add own tab to this page to avoid confusion with doubled validators
* provide two types of validators:
 Â* basic - no indexing data needed, can be triggered byÂIBuildParticipant
 Â* advanced - indexing data necessary, triggered after indexing
* users can on/off both types separately
* maybe we can think about validation only on demand or on file open to avoid extending build/indexing time

As I wrote it's only general description what is in my head but it will be easier to comment :)

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=354782