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[pdt-dev] Inspect command issue

Hello Team,

I have found some problems with the use of key shortcut for Inspect action in PDT and I would like to get some opinion/advice from you guys. Generally speaking, in PDT the shortcut for Inspect is Ctrl + Shift + N and after installing the latest JDT on Mars there is a new action 'All Instances' that is using this shortcut as well, and the one from PDT is not working in that case. What's more after reading the description from this bug: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=321222, I see that one day in the past the default Ctrl + Shift + I was changed to Ctrl + Shift + N.

As we have different binding contexts available for PDT and as far as I can see the only place when Inspect is in use is PHP editor (we don't have a 'Display' view for PDT), the simplest solution would be to change the key binding context from "In Dialogs and Windows" to "Editing PHP Source" to solve the key conflicts as well as for Ctrl + Shift + I and Ctrl + Shift + N. As users probably already got use to using Ctrl + Shift + N, I suggest to fix the issue by having two bindings in PHP editor context - first and default one (that will be visible in different menus) will be Ctrl + Shift + I, and the second one that is currently in use - Ctrl + Shift + N so the users will be still able to use it.

What do you think about it?