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[pdt-dev] AERI PDT reports


as I expected since Mars we receiving many log reports [1] (committer privileges are required). Now we have 168 record (some of them have over 100 reporters) and Iâm not able to review all, so please help :P

Probably part of them are false positives (normal log), others not related to PDT ;)

Itâs also possible to subscribe daily or weekly reports (projects -> php development tools). We can request subscription directly to our mailing list.

[1] - https://dev.eclipse.org/recommenders/committers/confess/#/problems/?projects=php&kinds=NORMAL&kinds=FREEZE&categories=UNCONFIRMED&page=0&size=10&sort=modifiedOn,desc

Dawid PakuÅa
+48 795 996 064