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[pdt-dev] Extend PDT feature

Hi team,

Recently I opened bug 468837 [1] to add two WTP features as extra PDT requirement.

There are two reasons:
1. I saw a lot of problems on bugzilla, stack overflow and forums because these two features wasnât installed. For example WTP XML type isnât properly registered, even if you have WTP XML feature installed.
2. To make sure that main eclipse web suite is installed with PDT installation (for example via eclipse marketplace we have ~3k installations per month)

WTP Web Feature is a package for CSS, HTML and JS web capabilities
WTP _javascript_ contain all JS related features (except rhino debug)

What you think about that?
Please add +1 into this bug. I would like to fix this during Mars RC3 phase.

[1] - https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=468837

Dawid PakuÅa
+48 795 996 064