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[pdt-dev] Referenced Projects as Build Path

Hey guys,

I have an idea for PDT and would like to hear your feedback about it. Eclipse supports referenced projects, in java you can even add projects to the build path. I'd like to request the same for PDT. This is especially useful if project B is the dependency of project A. Instead of having the build path entries twice in the IDE, this would reduce it (I don't know anything about build path internals but I may rise the idea it would result in a performance gain overall).

Basically the ultimate idea (and that's basically why I am writing) is that development with local dependencies runs through composer. If I install a dependency which I can detect exists locally, it would easy to add this project as build path instead of having entries in there twice.

I wrote an article about composer development with local dependencies: http://gos.si/blog/composer-development-with-local-dependencies

I hope someday this is working, with support from the Composer Plugin handling all the references (See [1]). So, yes this is thought ahead to an uncertain time in the future (if it ever gets there).


[1] https://github.com/composer/composer/issues/4011