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Re: [pdt-dev] PHP 5.6 support


most elements you will find in one commit : [1].
bug for php 5.6 is open [2]

1. Extend PHPVersion and where is used (projects wizard, project preferences and moreâ)
2. Generate code stubs and register it. Same for keywords
3. Copy/paste php 5.5 flexer and extend it. Two or three new tokens as I see(pow operator, variadicâ) + tests
4. Create new AST nodes for DOM and Compiler tree
5. Copy/paste and extend parser. Current pdt parser are very close to original php parser, so their source code may be helpful + tests
6. Extend occurrences finder + tests
7. Extend formatter / syntax coloring + tests
8. Extend ASTMatcher + tests
9. Modify inference engine + tests
10. Modify CA + tests

php 5.5 was in general easy to implement. 
With php 5.6 will be harder due new use function and use constant

DLTK doesnât allow to add additional informations to imports. Patch: [3]

I hope itâs helpful. 

[1] - http://git.eclipse.org/c/pdt/org.eclipse.pdt.git/commit/?id=9034500b3b47f34efa42be4d8b18871d78493995
[2] - https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=435922
[3] - https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=437856

Dawid PakuÅa 
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From: MichaÅ NiewrzaÅ <michal.n@xxxxxxxx>
Reply: PDT Developers <pdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
Date: 17 wrzeÅnia 2014 at 23:53:02
To: PDT Developers <pdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
Subject:  [pdt-dev] PHP 5.6 support

Hi All,
We (Zend Studio team) begin to think about support for PHP 5.6. Of course we need to start from PDT. It looks that I will be person most involved from our team and I want to start this conversation with at least general idea what need to be done. I heard that previous version 5.5 was implemented mostly by Dawid:) Dawid, can you write short (I hope) list with PDT parts that needs to be adjusted/extended? 

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