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[pdt-dev] Namespace types


New problem, sorry, we really need a developer docs :P

Someone remember why namespaces are implemented as ITypes 5 years ago by Michael Spector ? Problems with old DLTK api?  I cannot find any informations in mailing list history.

In theory this should be implemented by IElementRequestor.acceptPackage instead of IElementRequestor.acceptType.

1. Performance: we donât have to filter namespaces while search (for ex. group by namespaces in PHPExplorer, any findType call)
2. No more ugly green icon :P
3. Cleaner PHP outliner, more JDT like

1. Migration ;)
2. Problem if file have more than one namespace, should be easy to fix by explorer and outliner content providers

Dawid PakuÅa 
+48 795 996 064