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Re: [pdt-dev] Building PDT

Hi Jacek,

We have a following guide for contributors:
http://wiki.eclipse.org/PDT/Contributing (and wiki if you havent seen
yet, at http://wiki.eclipse.org/PDT)
It explains how to really quickly build PDT and how to get it's source
code right in Eclipse.
There's also an almost-minimal list of PDT plugins (the psf file) you need.
In most cases you won't need to build pdt mylyn and help plugin.
The Psf file and the links were a big help. They catapulted me from fiddling with eclipse to fiddling with
the actual code I would like to run.

For now export, p2, and so on - works.

I have a few questions.

- about contributions, well I'm no java dev so the only relevant changes I did to the PDT codebase so far were formatting and spelling corrections.
  The actual macro plugin code is irrellevant for the generel public.
  - subquestion:
    right now I package custom PDT plugins (PDT with my code changes), is there an eclipse way to do "use PDT but with these changes"?
    Should I refactor all changes into a separate plugin?
    /that is if all the internal stuff is accessible from a different plugin/

- the jflex files are beeing 'compiled' via jflex1.4.1 or so, but the PHPTokenizer via jflex 1.2.2 - is that intended ?

- the macro language I implemented is along the lines <#abc_funname a=b #> and this conflicts with the HTMLValidator
  ERROR:"tag ABC_abc_funname not found" (the .wst. one I think)
  how would I either disable the HTMLvalidator in this Region (it implements ForeignRegion ) or tell it via the extension points if possible

Thx Patrik