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[pdt-dev] Need good in detail resource about the extension procedure

Dear PDT development team,

I am final year computer science undergraduate from Sri lanka and for my final year project im conducting a research about optimized refactoring for PHP.

I am in the process of developing more refactoring functionalities to the PDT as it does not come with rich functionality at the moment. and in order to do that i learn about eclipse plugin development pretty much well. And i tried to extend PDT extension points. I found lots of resources about PDT extension points related things. But most of them are very much brief and does not describe very much in to detail. Please send me good resource about the PDT extension details or any tutorial set you have about that. Or else if you can please send me the source code of the PDT plugin development. So that i can contribute to the development of the PDT and make it more useful in future. Thank you in advance.

Pabitha Teldeniya
University of Colombo School of Computing
Sri Lanka.

Best regards,

(University of Colombo School of Computing)