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[pdt-dev] Help extending PDT


I want to add extension to the PDT.
My goal is to achieve code assist in the ZF2 configuration array declaration.
I try to create a simple test as explained in this document : http://wiki.eclipse.org/Extending_PDT
but i have some problems with the imported package i need to declare.

I have installed the PHP Development Tool (PDT) and PHP Development Tool (PDT) SDK Feature.
I have used the wizard to create a plug-in project.
I try to extends the org.eclipse.php.core.completionContextResolvers and the org.eclipse.php.core.completionStrategyFactories

First the 

import org.eclipse.php.internal.core.codeassist.contexts.CompletionContextResolver 

give me the following error : 

Discouraged access: The type CompletionContextResolver is not accessible due to restriction on required library /Applications/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.php.core_3.1.1.201209101312.jar

As i can see the import rules are set by default to "Discouraged" and "Forbidden".

Is this normal ? Where is my mistake ?

Another problem is that the eclipse ide do not find where is declared the "ICompletionContextResolver" and some others interfaces. 

Could you give me a whole sample project that extend the PDT to let me see how everithing work ? 

Thanks for your help.

Bests regards

Antoine Delamarre