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[pdt-dev] Some discussion on target platforms

I am still experimenting with shipping binaries via maven (apache httpd with php-handler, as well as php-cli). However I am wondering if there is any platform I am missing and that should be included.
At the moment I am planning to support
- windows 32bit
- windows 64bit
- linux, i386 32bit
- linux amd64
- macosx i386
- macosx amd64
- macosx ppc
- macosx ppc64
At least that is the basic support of the maven-nar-plugin. What platforms do you else require? Are there any additional platforms you are already using pdt on?
@Jacek: First solution for the server would be your favorite "one-click-install-me-xampp" :-)
Loading binaries from maven is only planned with webservers for php-maven projects ;-)
Greetings and thx for your feedback