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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT Sources

hi Stephan,
which specific bugs are you looking at?
Maybe there's something we can help with..

Once you've got the sources you can now pretty easily build PDT with Maven. You just need to type "mvn clean install" in org.eclipse.pdt.releng, presuming that you checked out all PDT projects preserving their locations as on CVS.

Jacek Pospychala,
PDT Lead

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Subject: [pdt-dev] PDT Sources

Hi all,

can anyone point me please to the sources that I can check out? I found
some CVS Urls in the Map File, but whenever I try to check out the files
from there some of the classes seem to be missing. Where can I check out
a working version?

I`d like to show some love to PDT and fix some really annoying bugs that
hit me really hard.

Best regards, Stephan Hochdörfer

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