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Re: [pdt-dev] Future of PDT development

Hi Jacek,

These are great news! I would love to see the PHPUnit, the Debugger and other features integration open-source'd so I could join the force and fix few annoying bugs and regressions I noticed in recent versions.

It would be great to have more info about the topic in this mailing list (or elsewhere in public).

Seva Lapsha
Author of PHPUnit @ Zend Studio

On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 4:47 AM, Jacek PospychaÅa <jacek.p@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Robert,

it's great to hear about your plans. We always enjoyed seeing new plugins for PDT as this confirms there's strong PHP community around Eclipse. I'm even more happy now to hear that there's more to come.

Where can I follow your current discussion to better understand what you're planning/doing? Why not discuss or even develop this pdt-extension platform directly in PDT?

From Zend pov, in the past the features that you mention were supposed to differentiate PDT and Zend Studio. Nowadays Zend Studio has gone in slightly different direction, and also more free alternatives popped up, so it's not argument any more. But simply moving features between products takes us time, risk of regressions and gives no short term benefits. So although there's consensus in Zend that we could contribute back to PDT, it's hard to actually find time for that.

In short term, until October we're very busy with next Zend Studio, but as part of that we want to get formatter better (bug 320130) and improve debugger. After that, we'll be more into bug fixing and planning next year, it'll be also good time to give more love to PDT. By the end of the year we're also migrating PDT to Git and probably change it's build system.

Does this answer your questions?


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Sent: 10 July 2012 16:13
To: PDT Developers
Subject: [pdt-dev] Future of PDT development

Dear PDT team,

we are a group of PDT extenders who are working on the following plugins:


We think that Eclipse is a great development platform, however PDT lacked some basic features, which is the reason why we started working on extensions to overcome limitations like

  • Code formatting
  • Refactoring (getter/setter generation, renaming of variables, etc)
  • PHPUnit integration
  • Codesniffer support
  • Proper support for object oriented projects (Class generator, validation, etc)

As we are now thinking about joining those efforts into a single pdt-extension platform, weâd like to get some feedback from the PDT development team regarding the future of PDT itself.

In our view there have been no feature enhancements in PDT for quite some time, especially regarding some of those base features mentioned above.

As most of those features are implemented in Zend-Studio but not in PDT, we are wondering whatâs the rationale behind keeping those features closed source. A lot of the Zend-Studio features are available through our contributions on an open-source basis. In our opinion it would be better for both PDT and Zend-Studio if the basic featureset of PDT could compare with that of other editors of scripting-languages in Eclipse and/or competing IDEs.

So basically we would like to get some info about the future strategy of Zend regarding PDT and the open-source community (fyi: we've tried to collect all known pdt extensions so far in our wiki [1] )




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