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[pdt-dev] Electing a new Project Lead

And, it is my honor to nominate Jacek PospychaÅa to become the new Lead of this project, replacing myself. (I would continue as a committer on the project).


Jacek has taken over the main week-to-week leadership duties and is poised to guide the project as it goes through its next generation of evolution.  Besides Jacek's technical skills at eclipse PDT, he has been involved with Eclipse since 2008, and is familiar with the committers on PDT project. 


I am sure every PDT committer would agree with Jacek's merits and abilities to lead the project, please document your approval by replying to this note to pdt-dev list, and join me in welcoming and thanking Jacek for his contributions. (Well, I guess Jacek's reply would just be to agree he is willing)