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[pdt-dev] questions regarding "Extending PDT 2.2" : requestor


I want to improve the ctrl+click in Eclipse PDT for my own PHP framework. I use the Requestor and the Visitor described in the following document (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Extending_PDT_2.2#CTRL_.2B_click).
The plugin I wrote in order to personalize the ctrl+click feature only works after resave my php file, so when I run my plugin as Eclipse application, the feature don’t work, I have to modify and save the php file to make it work.
My plugin allows to make a ctrl+click on a methodName which isn’t declare (for example test_myfunction) to open the method code corresponding (method called my_function).
Can someone help me ? (I’m not familiar with Eclipse plugins developpement and ASTVisitor API)
Thanks in advance.


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