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[pdt-dev] apply for the permission.

 I am developing an extention for emacs. I found some codes written by you can help me to save my time. So I am writing to you to apply for the permission to allow me to use the codes.Â
 The files location are:

files list about this version:

PDO.php     bcmath.php   Âdate.php    Âgettext.php   intl.php    Âmhash.php    openssl.php   session.php   wddx.php    Âzlib.php
Reflection.php Âbz2.php     dom.php     hash.php    Âjson.php    Âmime_magic.php Âpcre.php    Âsoap.php    Âxml.php
SPL.php     calendar.php  Âexif.php    Âibm_db2.php   ldap.php    Âmssql.php    pdo_mysql.php  sockets.php   xmlreader.php
SQLite.php   Âcom_dotnet.php Âfilter.php   Âiconv.php    libxml.php   Âmysql.php    pdo_pgsql.php  standard.php  Âxmlwriter.php
SimpleXML.php  ctype.php    ftp.php     imagick.php   mbstring.php  Âmysqli.php   Âpdo_sqlite.php Âtidy.php    Âxsl.php
basic.php    curl.php    Âgd.php     Âimap.php    Âmcrypt.php   Âodbc.php    Âpgsql.php    tokenizer.php  zip.php

I found I cann't use it in my project under GPL license unless I haveÂreceived permission from the ownerÂ. I know the directions from the website: http://www.eclipse.org/legal/eplfaq.php#USEINANOTHER.

So would you please to give me the permission ?

Best regards!