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Re: [pdt-dev] Index Non-PHP Sourcefiles

I think you need ask this question in dltk group,after debugging,I think the DLTK indexer only can visit ISourceModule

after debugging,I think you can do this by adding *.xml/*.Yaml to php content type,but ModuleDeclaration is empty,as your another question,we can not get ISourceModule from PhpIndexingVisitor,so you still can not visit the XML/Yaml config files:(

2011/6/27 Robert GrÃndler <r.gruendler@xxxxxxxxx>

the framework i'm writing a plugin for uses XML/Yaml config files. Those files define domainspecific
elements, which i'm currently indexing using a custom H2/SQL implementation.

I'm wondering if it's possible to get the DLTK/PHP indexer to also visit those XML/Yaml files, so i can
use the existing Indexing framwork - probably store those elements as IModelElement.USER_ELEMENT
and encode everything i need into the metadata (i'm doing this already for TemplateVariables).

All i'm need to do is to parse some xml/yaml attributes, which can then later be used for code-hints
and Hyperlink-detection etc.

I've tried already a couple of things, even to provide my own LanguageToolkit, but it seems DLTK
only allows one toolkit per IScriptProject.

Any hints if this is possible? Or should i stay with my own indexer?



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