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[pdt-dev] Provide type-hints for variables declared in different SourceModule


a lot of PHP Frameworks implement the MVC pattern, and i'm wondering what's the
best way to provide codeassist for PHP variables in files that have been declared
in other SourceModules.

Let's say you have the class UserController with the method showUser() (in /UserController.php)

... class declaration

public function showUser() {

   $user = UserDAO::retrieveUserByID($id);
   return array('showUser.php', array('user' => $user'))


The framework then renders the file 'showUser.php' and passes in the $user object
as a variable named $user.

What i have done right now is the following:

1. In the SourceElementRequestor extension i visit the ReturnStatements of methods in Controller
2. I detect the variables returned by that method and store it in some custom Singleton.
3. Register a completionContext/Strategy which retrieves the correct variables for the current php file from the Singleton.

This approach works, though it doesn't feel properly integrated into the DLTK/PDT model, as

1. I'm simply storing the ViewVariable in-memory in my singleton, so after Eclipse relaunches, the whole project needs to be rebuilt for completion to work.
2. I'm getting ConcurrentModificationExceptions in my Singleton class during the BuildPhase as apparently the SourceParsing
takes place in multiple threads.

So my question is, is there a way to contribute those Variables which are being passed to the View-Templates properly to the DLTK/PDT model ?