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Re: [pdt-dev] compile jflex grammar

awesome, thanks!

build works now.


On 6/13/11 10:55 AM, èåä wrote:
attachment is jflex1.2.2

2011/6/13 Robert GrÃndler <r.gruendler@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Roy,

thanks for your tips. As i'm still completely new to jflex, i think i'd need to answer myself
a couple of questions to get this going.

At the moment i got a working plugin where i have simply ported the tokenizer created by
the smartyplugin. This way, i got syntax highlighting and also the CompletionProposalComputer
is calling my extension.

Now to the fun part:

I've had a look at how jflex is used in pdt. The build.xml in Resources/parserTools works fine
and compiles all the Lexers and Scanners. There's one commented line though, which unfortunately
is the one i need (at least i think) :

<!-- Disabled automatic generation, since JFlex 1.2.2 is not available for download -->
<!-- <ant dir="${antfile.dir}/highlighting/" antfile="generatePHPTokenizer.xml" /> -->

It seems that's exactly the file the smarty developer manipulated to extend the syntax highlighting
in smarty templates:


When i uncomment the generatePHPTokenizer.xml, i'm getting the same error like with the SmartyTokenizer.jflex:

Error: Incorrect skeleton file (wrong number of sections).

I've tried to alter the generatePHPTokenizer.xml to use the same targets as the other ant builds, without luck.

So my main question is: How can i generate the PHPTokenizer:

org.eclipse.php.internal.core.documentModel.parser.PHPTokenizer ?

thanks for your help,


On 6/12/11 8:39 PM, Roy Ganor wrote:
Hi Robert, this is great news, thanks!

Actually I did it very long time ago, and since then several things (not too much though) have been changed in the way we compile the flex resources.
My suggestion is to start with the current jflex (which is compatible with 1.4.3) and make the small changes to make twig/smarty support it.

Does this help or you need more leads?

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i'm trying to extend the php editor to support a templating language (twig).

There's a smarty plugin which does something similar:


The authors have manipulated the .jflex grammar PDT uses to generate the

However, the skeleton files of in DevTools don't compile against the
current jflex version (1.4.3).

Anyone knows how to compile those .jflex files with a recent version of

If not, is the old version (1.2.2) of jflex available somewhere in the
PDT repository? It seems the
binary isn't available anymore on the jflex page for that version.



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