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[pdt-dev] Implement support for annotations


i'm working on a PDT extension for a php framework which uses annotations
in PHPDocBlocks. An annotation basically has a similar syntax of a PHP class constructor:

use Symfony\Component\Config\Annotations\Route;  <-- UseStatement

 * @Route("/", name="foo")  //

However, the parameters of the annotation do not match the parameters of the annotationclass,
so if i simply report a FakeConstructor of the IType Route, PDT's code assist inserts
the constructor of the class - which is not what i want.

Is there a way to report a FakeConstructor in a CompletionStrategy where i can also define
the parameters?

My second question is about adding "virtual elements" to the structured model - so they can be
displayed in the PHP Explorer.

The framework i'd like to support has various structures defined in multiple sourcemodules:

* Services ( a.k.a JavaBeans ) which are declared in XML/Yaml/PHP files
* Routings - also declared in XML/Yaml/PHP files
* etc ...

To provide a better overview of all those structures in a project, i'm thinking about adding them
to the project explorer - similar to the "Deployment Descriptor" of a Java EE project in eclipse:

- IScriptProject
  -- sources
  -- PHP Language Library
  -- PHP Include Path
  -- Project Descriptor
    -- Services
      -- Service A
      -- Service B
    -- Routings
      -- Routing A

Can this be done with an existing PDT/DLTK extension point? I guess the biggest problem is that the underlying
sources are not SourceModules (XML/Yaml) of the PHP Language?