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[pdt-dev] How to Extending PDT 2.2??


Hi all. I’m new in PDT.


I’m trying to extending PDT 2.2 with languageModelProviders’s extension point.

But, I’m not good at JAVA&Eclipse. :(


I’ve read a API Doc already.. but it’s not help me;;

A Doc link is http://wiki.eclipse.org/Extending_PDT_2.2#Language_library_contributions


Here is a my extending source..

Please, check my source.


It is a successfully exported and installed. But it’s not working.


package co.kr.mk.framework;


import org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPath;

import org.eclipse.core.runtime.Path;

import org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugin;

import org.eclipse.dltk.core.IScriptProject;

import org.eclipse.php.core.language.ILanguageModelProvider;


public class MKFramework extends Plugin implements ILanguageModelProvider {


      private static MKFramework plugin;


      public MKFramework() {



      public static MKFramework getDefault() {

            if( plugin == null ) {

                  plugin = new MKFramework();


            return plugin;



      public IPath getPath(IScriptProject project) {

            // TODO Auto-generated method stub

            return new Path("resources/mk");



      public String getName() {

            // TODO Auto-generated method stub

            return null;



      public Plugin getPlugin() {

            // TODO Auto-generated method stub

            return MKFramework.getDefault();







A custom php file sttub in resources/mk is..






 * Test function

 * @param string $ppp


function hjkim($ppp) {

      return $ppp;




How to make a code assistance for custom PHP Library Function and Class?


Thanks all.




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