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Re: [pdt-dev] It's possible to debug remote site ( files on the FTP )

 Hi Jacek,

I know when I import project from RSE, so that I can debug PHP scripts localy, but I want to know if it's possible debug project without import this project from FTP to localhost.

So simply if it's possible somehow tell xdebug that project is on FTP and debug this files remotely.

On 5. 10. 2010 12:13, Jacek PospychaÅa wrote:
> Hi sNop,
> The exception is thrown because location of file you clicked cannot be determined.
> So currently, you'd have to first download the file/files from FTP to your workspace and then debug.
> Jacek
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> Sent: 05 October 2010 12:05
> To: PDT Developers
> Subject: [pdt-dev] It's possible to debug remote site ( files on the FTP )
> Hi developers,
> I want to ask you if this is possible with PDT 2.2.0 or PDT 2.2.1 SR1 version.
> In Remote System Explorer perspective, when I create some new ftp connection and when I do right click on the some file folder or root folder, so in context menu is item with label Create Remote Project, when I select this item, so whole FTP ( all files and files ) are copied somewhere I don't know where and in PHP Explorer is created folder with the name of the FTP .e.g. ftpXX.com_(ftp.XXX.sk<ftp://ftp.XXX.sk>).
> So this was creating remote ftp project.
> And now, I do right click on some php file in this project and select Debug as PHP Web Page or PHP Script and this exception in consolelog occures:
> !ENTRY org.eclipse.core.jobs 4 2 2010-10-05 12:01:48.957
> !MESSAGE An internal error occurred during: "Launching firma (1)".
> !STACK 0
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>         at org.eclipse.php.internal.debug.core.launching.XDebugExeLaunchConfigurationDelegate.launch(XDebugExeLaunchConfigurationDelegate.java:
> 187)
>         at org.eclipse.php.internal.debug.core.launching.PHPLaunchDelegateProxy.launch(PHPLaunchDelegateProxy.java:106)
>         at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration.launch(LaunchConfiguration.java:853)
>         at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration.launch(LaunchConfiguration.java:702)
>         at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin.buildAndLaunch(DebugUIPlugin.java:923)
>         at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin$8.run(DebugUIPlugin.java:1126)
>         at org.eclipse.core.internal.jobs.Worker.run(Worker.java:54)
> So I want to ask you, if It's possible to debug project which is on FTP?
> remote debug? or something similar? I don't know.
> Thank you for any advices and suggestions.
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