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[pdt-dev] Which Nightly build is stablest for beta testing


I will develop few PHP applications ( with many JS and some HTML, CSS code ) and I want to test new PDT 2.2.0.

I have installed this PDT 2.2.0 release http://downloads.zend.com/pdt/all-in-one/helios/zend-eclipse-php-helios-win32-x86.zip now ( it's version PDT 2.2.0.v20100519 ).

But I want to test and help you with PDT 2.2.0 in a way that I can create tickets/issues in PDT's bugzilla, when I discover some problem or bug.

So I want to ask, which nightly build is most stable and ready to use, because in this version ( I mean PDT 2.2.0.v20100519 ) are many bugs which are still reproducable and I know that they are fixed in HEAD ( I'm subscribed to
pdt-ide-cvs-commit@xxxxxxxxxxx CVS reposity commits ),


Thank you.

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