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[pdt-dev] Eclipse PDT, xDebug and Drupal .tpl.php file Debugging

I am an Eclipse PDT newbie, so please go gently with me.


I have set up Eclipse PDT 2.1.3 with xDebug and I am trying to debug a Drupal application with LAMPP on Ubuntu via my localhost. I have also included the Drupal Plugin for Eclipse.


I set breakpoints in page-front.tpl.php and page.tpl.php and Eclipse stops in the Drupal files as expected. I can see the variables and everything.

However, I have set a breakpoint in a node-product.tpl.php file (based on node.tpl.php) but when I click Run > Resume and I navigate to the correct page in the browser window, the debugger just refuses to stop in it. At this point under Run, the only command highlighted is Terminate, so I don't know where in the application I am at present.

If the application is running, how do I break out of the loop and get back control so I can start debugging?

Also, my Firefox browser opens, but there doesn't seem to be a relationship between Run > Step Over (F6) and what I see in the browser window. The browser is expecting user input. How do I coordinate between the browser and the Eclipse IDE so it's interactive between the two? That means, when I click in browser window, it should show me where I am in the debugger.

I have one more question. When I start a Drupal debugging session most people set up the Run > Run Configurations to start at index.php. My question is can I start a debug session at some arbitrary URL address or does it always have to begin with a .php file? How about a .tpl.php file located not in the htdocs folder, but in the theme folder itself?

I know these are basic questions, but any help would be appreciated.

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