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Re: [pdt-dev] Outline view supporting inherited super class methods/properties?


I have create a patch soon after Roy reported this bug.
I only add
double clicking on Ctrl+O function.
So is there any special need,for example about the outline view.

Maybe you could have this available in the next PDT release

Besides vote,I hope you can comment something,like express what you want or describe more clearly.

But now our purpose is to fix the bugs,after that we will consider implement new features.

Thanks for you remind us about this!
Keep active!
On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 4:03 AM, Nicklas Gummesson <gummesso@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello world!
I'm a great fan of PDT and use it daily in my work as a frontend developer. However, there is a feature I've been missing all the way back from version 1.x. In fact, I'm still hanging on to an older version because I still use this particular feature alot. The feature I'm talking about is the (quick) outline view displaying inherited methods/properties, as described in this ticket:

I've been trying out the new PDT versions that have been released every now and then, thinking that it would be fixed eventually. But since it did not seem to happen I started to drill down the Eclipse and Bugzilla page to see what was going on and found out that there actually were a patch submitted to the ticket above. But it does not seem to be propagated to any release nor nightly build.

I'm not very familiar with how things usually work in Eclipse/PDT release procedure but is there something more to do than voting to get a feature to get a higher prioritizing than "P3 Enhancement" or be included in a upcoming release?

Other than that, I would like to thank you for a great product!

Nicklas Gummesson

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Best Regards!


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