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Re: [pdt-dev] Code assist for Superclasses in another namespace

Hi Roy,

i think the syntax i've posted is correct, also according to the manual,
so i've filed a bug, with a testcase attached:



On Mar 7, 2010, at 12:09 PM, Roy Ganor wrote:

Hi Robert,
According to, one should prefix the class name with the identifier of the namespace.
Anyway, I see that content assist is not provided. Can you please open an issue if one has not been submitted yet?
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Subject: [pdt-dev] Code assist for Superclasses in another namespace
Hi everyone,
i'm testing code assistance for the default framework classes, and i don't get
any methods/fields from superclasses when the superclass is in another
Here's the example code:
namespace Application\HelloBundle\Controller;
use Symfony\Framework\WebBundle\Controller;
class HelloController extends Controller
  public function indexAction($name)
When the completion at $this-> starts, i only get the indexAction() method suggested,
but none of the methods of the parent Symfony\Framework\WebBundle\Controller.
However, when not pulling in the namespace with "use", but extending the class directly
using the namespace notation, the completion works:
namespace Application\HelloBundle\Controller;
class HelloController extends Symfony\Framework\WebBundle\Controller
  public function indexAction($name)
       $this-> <--- now i get all superclass methods/fields
Not sure if this should work already, so i thought i'll rather ask on the list.
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