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RE: [pdt-dev] H2 index in DLTK

Hi Alex,
Moving to the h2-based index by default makes perfectly sense as many PDT users reported significant performance improvements. It will also make the people worked on this method very happy ;)

We don't have any internal tests for this method but all tests that currently work on top of the h2-indexing itself should provide a good picture on possible flaws.
Several questions that cross my mind:
1. Will DLTK bundle/maintain the basic index mechanism (not the h2-one). Can we make it as an extra feature like h2-index is now?
2. Since currently h2 database is available in a more updated version as confirmed by Eclipse IP process (1.117) it will make sense to not bundle h2 inside the plugin/feature but leave adopters to use whatever version they want.
3. There is a nice framework (org.eclipse.test.performance) that Michael contributed that checks for performance regressions. It will be nice to run it under the two methods and provide a benchmark. Do you think DLTK build system can monitor changes and provide it? 
4. Using the h2-based index is a big step forward, however there is always a place for improvement. Since PDT is currently the (only AFAIK) one that adopts this plugin, it makes sense to consult in this forum before changes are done. 

Best regards,
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Subject: [pdt-dev] H2 index in DLTK

Hi all,

I was looking if it makes sense to move all DLTK indexing into H2.
And if DLTK will go this way probably I'll make some changes to these plugins.
Do you have any concerns about it?

And the related question: do you have any standalone unit tests for the index implementation?

Thank you,
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