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[pdt-dev] for help


i am preparing to create a new project ,named phpconsole.

about this project:

there is a editor:user could execute php script in the editor.
command view:here list the historical commands(executed script) executed in the editor.
variable view:list the current variabls' value which used in the executed script in the memor.

possible features:
editor should have the features of php editor in pdt(code assist,coloring...)
user can execute one line ,multiple lines,a loop block and so on.
user can modify the variable's value in the variable view.
user can reexecute a(more) command(s) in the command view
user can recover to the status of a listed in the command view
user can save the current status or the status corresponding to a command for later use.

this project is just in its preparation stage.
and the features listed above may be could not be implemented.
so i am here just want to collect some requirements of the community.

i am very glad if you give me some advice about the project.
i hope you could tell me what features do you want this project have.
the features listed above are just what i thought,i am very very happy you could show me some new features.
and then i will try to implement the most needed features at the first step.
your advises also give me  the direction of this project.
any advises will be appreciated.

best regards!


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