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[pdt-dev] A change in WTP WST Web Developer Feature

PDT Dev Colleagues, 

As far as I know, PDT is only other Eclipse Project that uses (only) the 
"wst.web*" features (for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc). 

For historical reasons that feature has also included some web services 
function. We are moving those out of that feature, and into another 

My guess is this does not effect you at all in any way, except to save 
about 10 Megabytes from your download. 

But, there certainly are some scenarios where you, or your adopters, 
_might_ be effected, such as if extending them in your own special ways, 
and then they would no longer be there automatically. In that case, they 
are still easy to get ... at worst might take another download. If you do 
need it, and need help figuring out the packaging issues, just let me know 
on the bug that describes the work we did:


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