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RE: [pdt-dev] code assist development

Currently, pdt doesn't indicate if a certain function parameter is required or optional. As I understand from http://doc.php.net/php/dochowto/chapter-skeletons.php you provide this information allready.

So visually indicating what is required and what not is something which can be accomplished already by the pdt developers.

However, as far as I can see the docbook sources don't contain the actual default value of such an optional parameter. This would come in handy, in cases like

string htmlspecialchars ( string $string [, int $quote_style = ENT_COMPAT [, string $charset [, bool $double_encode = true ]]] )

If I want to use htmlspecialchars with ENT_NOQUOTES I want to see whether I need to override the default of $quote_style.
I've encoutered this type of issues more than once and this info is imho useful enough to have it.

I am curious about your opinions.

> From: philip@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 08:38:58 -0700
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> Subject: [pdt-dev] code assist development
> Hello,
> The PHP manual is interested in making the data more friendly to PDT.
> Please describe exactly how PDT gathers data for 'code assist' so that
> we can test and help make the process a little easier. Like, do you
> parse the XML sources? How? What problems do you run into?
> Regards,
> Philip
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