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Re: [pdt-dev] code assist development

Hi Philip,

We do a real black magic, when generating stubs for all native PHP elements.
First of all, we use reflection mechanism for building a multi-array of all existing elements. Then we refer to the PHPDoc for the documentation on elements that were found. The problems that we run into are usually:

1. Reflection doesn't contain needed information (class properties, namespaces, etc...)
2. PHPDoc XML is not standard in many cases (constant values, etc...)
3. Missing PHPDoc :)

You can look at this script for better understanding of what's happening:

Thanks for the interest!

2009/10/19 Philip Olson <philip@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

The PHP manual is interested in making the data more friendly to PDT. Please describe exactly how PDT gathers data for 'code assist' so that we can test and help make the process a little easier. Like, do you parse the XML sources? How? What problems do you run into?


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