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Re: [pdt-dev] Aptana php

Hi Sjaak,

I cannot speak on behalf of Aptana, but it seems to me that Aptana PHP team has realized that instead of duplicating work in both projects it would be better to cooperate and provide one product with a greater value. As a result, I'm confident that we (PDT team) will gather support from highly experienced people in this field that will allow us to take the project to another level in terms of stability and Aptana-like features that were asked by many users.

Best regards,

On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 11:12 PM, Sjaak Eenhuis <exceptione@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Roy Ganor napsal(a):

Latest announcement from Aptana

Welcome Aptana guys!



Hi guys,

this are really very very very very good news, from my site huraa

I wanted suggestion for this colaboration in the past,  But somehow I forgot afterwards.

This is very good news. I didn't forgot in the past, thats why this report came to existence:

Like many noted, it was a somewhat disappointing decision from Aptana to create an extra php plugin for eclipse. The aptana folks tend to move hard, but do create some extra bugs too to be fair ;-) It is amazing to see what they managed to create in such a short time. But to many users it felt like a waste of efforts, since you could not profit from both products simultaneously. Since when you use pdt in one file you needed to eat the wtp stuff there too.
The request aimed at combing the best of both worlds, that is: being able to use the php editor from pdt and the html/js/.. stuff from aptana *in the same file*. I've not tried to install the latest aptana to check whether this is possible now, but that would be a great leap forward.

I wonder what this means to aptana/pdt. Aptana has reorganized itselfs a few times, and they definitely have changed their aims, but its not clear what they are heading to.

For interested people, a thread has spawned here. To quote:

Hi guys,
For the past few weeks we were considering a discontinue of our PHP plugin, as we now believe that it might be best for all if we will contribute to the Eclipse PDT instead of maintaining our own code base.
In time, and with collaboration with the PDT team, we hope to push some of our features into the PDT project and also make sure you will still be able to use the Studio with integrated PDT in it.
We believe that our joint effort, and the latest infrastructure changes in the PDT project, will produce a better product for the PHP developers community.

This was not an easy call, as we put a lot of efforts in this plugin to bring it to the state it is today.
We hope you'll understand and endorse this change.

Shalom Gibly

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