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[pdt-dev] Cannot set PHP executables on my osx 10.5.8

Hi all.

I tried to setup a PHP developing environment based on ZF via PDT. But when i went to set PHP executables, it did not work!

Here are what happened:
1. Went to preference -> PHP -> PHP Executables -> Add
2. I filled in Name and Executable path fields (when I finished one of them and started filling the other one, Eclipse was pretty slow... no matter which one finished firstly...)
3. Clicked finish and ok. An error popped up but just flashed and disappeared at once
4. Then I went to check preference page again. When I tried to open "PHP Executable" page, An error said "The currently displayed page contains invalid values"
5. I could not open the page unless I went to another page then switched back
6. I cannot edit the one I just created but only delete it and add a new one - which did not work too.

I attached error log in this email - hope it helps.


Zhang Xiao
mobile: +86 13811992020 | email: xellzhang@xxxxxxxxx | skype: ethos_xzhang | website: http://xzhang.net

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