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[pdt-dev] goalEvaluatorFactories extension point — plugin is not activated

I have a plugin that needs to add code completion for an undeclared variable. To do so I try to implement my own goal factory.

I am able to set break points, and start a debugging session. But it seems like the plugin is never called, a break point is never reached when I start to edit a php file.

I have no idea whether the plugin.xml is correct:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?eclipse version="3.4"?>

    <extension point="org.eclipse.php.core.goalEvaluatorFactories">
               name="My test"
               nature="org.eclipse.php.core.PHPNature" />

public class MyEvaluatorFactory implements IGoalEvaluatorFactory {…}
public class MyEvaluator extends GoalEvaluator {…}

I've modelled it according to http://wiki.eclipse.org/API_Document_for_Extension_Points_PDT_2.0#PHP_Evaluator_Factory, but I am not sure if these examples are still correct. When I look in the aspectPDT sources, I cannot find any of the demonstrated extension points. :S

So the question is: why is my Evaluator never invoked?

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