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Re: [pdt-dev] add method to class

Thanks a lot!

Am 06.07.2009 um 07:27 schrieb "Roy Ganor" <roy@xxxxxxxx>:

Hi Robert,

You can find full documentation for AST manipulation here: http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/articles/ast/PHP_AST.html

take a look at our unit tests to see what is the right way for doing this for the different types of elements - http://bit.ly/Bnl9q.




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Subject: [pdt-dev] add method to class


Hi all,

could someone give me a hint how i can add a method to a class and make it visible in the editor ?

So far, i've tried the following:

sourceModule.becomeWorkingCopy(null, null);
classDeclaration.getBody.addStatement(myNewMethod); //classDeclaration is child of the sourcemodule
sourceModule.reconcile(true, null, null);
sourceModule.commitWorkingCopy(true, null);

Do i need to alter the IBuffer of the sourcemodule manually for this to work ?

thanks !


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