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Re: [pdt-dev] PDT 2.1 package on Win64

To use PDT 2.1 on Win64:

a) download eclipse "Classic" - either the SDK or Platform Runtime Binary will work [1]; unpack; start it up. Help > Install
b) Use the Galileo site [2] or download the "All-in-one Update Site" zip [3]
c) restart


On 06/25/2009 05:03 PM, Niel wrote:

I'm using 64-bit Windows, and do not have a 32-bit Java VM available.

Are there any plans to release a 64-bit version of the PDT package for

If not, do you have any suggestion for getting the 32-bit one running on
a Sun 1.6 64-bit  VM?

Niel Archer
niel.archer (at) blueyonder.co.uk

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