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Re: [pdt-dev] Re: build issues on modeling.eclipse.org

You have to unpack them in your customTargets / customTests. Adding them to the list of available shared resources on the build page != adding them INTO the build. Modeling system is too stupid to just unpack everything.

Athena is smarter - all zips listed will be automatically unpacked and added to the build + test runtime, unless you override that. We can look at moving you to the new system for next year's release. :)


Michael Spector wrote:
I've fixed the build site. Another problem is that Unit Tests does not run, since DLTK Automated Tests dependency is not copied for some reason. Right now I'm running the 2.1.0RC5 build without Unit tests...

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 8:16 AM, Michael Spector <spektom@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:spektom@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    BTW, dependencies URL's are also not selected automatically anymore...

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 8:14 AM, Michael Spector <spektom@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:spektom@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Hi All,

        PDT 2.1.0RC5 cannot be built due to some changes in
        modeling.eclipse.org <http://modeling.eclipse.org>.
        Here's the log:

        [start] [01:21:51] Started on 20090618 with the following options:
          -proj pdt
          -sub -version
          -branch HEAD
          -antTarget run
          -buildAlias 2.1.0RC5
          -mapfileRule use-false
          -buildType S
          -javaHome /opt/sun-java2-5.0
          -downloadsDir /home/www-data/build/downloads
          -writableBuildRoot /home/www-data
          -projRelengRoot :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/tools
          -buildTimestamp 200906180121
          -email michael@xxxxxxxx <mailto:michael@xxxxxxxx>,
          -basebuilderBranch R35_M5
        usage: start.sh
        -proj           <REQUIRED: name of the project to be build, eg. mdt>
        -sub            <REQUIRED: shortname of the project to be build,
        eg. uml2tools>
        -version        <REQUIRED: version to use, eg., 1.0.0>
        -mapfileRule    <Use static mapfile? (use-false) Generate
        mapfile? Tag
        files during build (gen-true, gen-false)? default gen-false>
        -mapfileTag     <Tag to use when generating mapfile; default to
        build_timestamp (gen-true) or cvsbranch (gen-false)>
        -URL            <The URLs of the Eclipse driver, EMF driver, and any
        other zips that need to be unpacked into
                        the eclipse install to resolve all dependencies.
        Enter one -URL [...] per required URL.>
        -branch         <REQUIRED: CVS branch of the files to be built (eg.,
        build_200409171617); default HEAD)>
        -projRelengRoot     <optional: CVSROOT of
        org.eclipse(.emf).$subprojectName.releng; default:
        -projRelengBranch   <CVS branch of
        or org.eclipse.emf.$subprojectName.releng>
        -commonRelengBranch <CVS branch of
        -basebuilderBranch <CVS branch of org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder>
        -antTarget      <The Ant target of the build script: run,
        runWithoutTest; default: run>
        -buildAlias     <The Alias of the build (for named S and R builds),
        eg. 2.0.2RC1; default: none>
        -buildType      <The type of the build: N, I, M, S, R; default: N>
        -javaHome       <The JAVA_HOME directory; default:
        or value in releng-common/server-config/*.properties>
        -downloadsDir   <The directory where dependent zips are downloaded;
        default: $writableBuildRoot/build/downloads>
        -buildTimestamp <optional: YYYYmmddhhMM timestamp to be used to
        the build; default will be generated>


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