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Re: [Dltk-dev] Re: [pdt-dev] Use of PHPMixinModel

Hi Roy,

thanks for the hint. We intend to implement a global preference page for the php framework, where
the user can add different versions of the framework, and set one of them as the default. Pretty much like
the "Installed JREs" mechanism for java.

So each project has a preference page where the default framework version is selected, but can be overridden
by selecting a different one from the global list.

Anyway, i tried the tip you posted, but neither the buildpathContainerInitializer nor the buildPathContainerPage
ever gets created.

So far our nature simply implemented IProjectNature, so i tried to extend ScriptNature instead, which didn't make any difference.

Any hint what i'm missing out here ?

thanks !


Roy Ganor schrieb:
You should also add an extension to buildpathContainerPage, so users
will be able to add it through the Project properties -> Buildpath ->

id=" org.eclipse.php.myframework.CONTAINER">
class=" org.eclipse.php.myframework.ui.MyFrameworkLibrary"
id=" org.eclipse.php.myframework.MyFramework"
name="My Framework"
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You should implement your library initializer just like PHP Language library is initialized:



I've tried this, but our Initializer never gets created. Does our ProjectNature need to extend ScriptNature for this to work ?

The extension point looks like this right now:


The implementation looks similar to LanguageModelInitializer of PDT.



    2. Basically, in our model specific functions of specific classes
    can have one or more ISourceModules as child elements, based on
    the mvc
      architecture of the framework. Is it possible to contribute
    those ISourceModules as child nodes to php methods of the pdt
    model, ie those
      children would be visible in the outline of that class mehod ?

I'm not sure that you can create an ISourceModule as a child element of IMethod using Source Element Requestor.
BTW, there is new extension point in DLTK called "model", which is intended for using in order to provide custom model elements to DLTK structured model.
But we never used it - it's too new :)

I'm CC'ing DLTK developers list, may be they can shed some light on this question.

    I have found this wiki entry

    this the intended way of achieving what i described in the 2nd
    question ?

thanks for your help !


    Michael Spector schrieb:

        Hi Robert,

        We are planning to remove any usage of PHPMixinModel. We
        should move to DLTK indexing mechanism instead, once it's
        For now, only global variables, global constants and include
        statements are indexed using PHPMixinModel.
        If you need to find some model element, please use one of the
        following utilities:



        On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 8:52 PM, Robert Gruendler
        <doobre@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:doobre@xxxxxxxxx>
        <mailto:doobre@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:doobre@xxxxxxxxx>>> wrote:

           Hi all,

i'm member of a sourceforge team which is working on an
           plugin for the symfony php framework.

Currently i'm trying to dig into the pdt code to get some
           understanding of how the pdt php-model works.

           As far as i've understood, we can use the PHPMixinModel
        class to
           search for elements in the workspace PHP-Model.

So let's say, there's a class "Foo" somewhere inside an pdt
project, should we be able to retrieve an instance of
IMixinElement when searching the model with the following
           This call would query the model cache and return all
        elements that
           match to the key "Foo", if i understood it right.
           For some reason however, i never get any elements back, no
           what i'm searching, also tried find() instead of get() btw.
           Do we need to add some PHP extension point to our plugin to
           use of the MixinModel ?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated, thanks !


ps: Is there any API documentation available somewhere for either PDT of DLTK ?

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