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[pdt-dev] What about running test cases by querying http pages? need some help implementing this idea

I can't get php.exe from xampp running on windows (vista). The apache
way will be supported forever I guess. So I thought it would be easiest
to run PHPUnit tests using the http:// interface.

I had this all working in vim within 2 hours or so. Now my teammate is
using Eclipse only. Worse: on Vista. That's why I tried writing a pdt
extension which should provide a simple interface to run PHPUnit tests.


define a test runner url per project eg

The external tool or debug configuration could look like this:

 [tab launch settings]
   Browser combo [ "firefox*"     ]
   class combo   [ "TestLogin"    ]
   method combo  [ "testTimeLock" ]
   host combo    ["localhost"     ] << So that you can run Selenium tests remote as well

The goal was reusing the console PHPConsoleColorProviders etc.

However I can't make the the launch configuration show up in the Eclipse
Launchers, Debug or External Tools dialog.
I've tried using the extension point launchConfigurationTypes for this
task to no avail.

I've uploaded my attempts here:
(You can get a .zip using the download link or browse the repository

Maybe you can just help me with this small step?
Or better: You already have a convinient working solution?

Marc Weber