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Re: [pdt-dev] updates/2.0/interim malformed

FYI, new code is in place to avoid this problem in future. Before appending the close tag, I now filter the file and strip out any existing </site> tags.

Should this reappear, let me know.

Roy Ganor wrote:
There was a redundant close tag for the "site" element before the
nightly one:




  /* nightly information */


You can see the diff file 1.25 --> 1.26

- Roy
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File opens fine using WTP's XML editor and the Site Manifest editor (if you rename site-galileo.xml to site.xml first). (I'm still using Eclipse


What did you change? To avoid incorrectly generating it, we'll need to document what was done wrong. Can you attach the invalid file(s) to the bug below?


Roy Ganor wrote:
Forward to David, maybe this will solve our blocker issue - https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=275537


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It seems that the updates/2.0/interim sites xmls were malformed in the

latest update (for some reason).

I have fixed it manually and hope that this will not be reproduced in the next update...

Maybe one of you guys knows why the interim Galileo site was


- Roy

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