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Re: [pdt-dev] wiki about semantic highlighting

i have some questions,first:   
 public static function getResourceModel($modelClass, $arguments=array())
        return Mage::getConfig()->getResourceModelInstance($modelClass, $arguments);
how could i get getResourceModelInstance's FunctionDeclaration in the ast tree?
functionInvocation.resolveFunctionBinding() or fethodInvocation.resolveMethodBinding() returns null.
how to do this?
need i depend on SearchEngine or some other classes?

2009/4/17 赵忠伟 <zhaozhongwei@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Can you provide an example for each Semantic Highlighting you listed in the page?
ok, i will.
thank you for your reply!

2009/4/17 Roy Ganor <roy@xxxxxxxx>


Thank you for posting this in here, maybe these semantic highlighting rules would be useful as well:


  1. Global Variables –


    1. <?php
    2.     $a = 5;
    3. ?>


  1. DeprecatedMember / DeprecatedFunction – strike deprecated elements. See http://manual.phpdoc.org/HTMLframesConverter/default/phpDocumentor/tutorial_tags.deprecated.pkg.html

1.    /**

2.     * @deprecated deprecated since version 2.0

3.     */

4.    function uselessfunction() {  }

5.    uselessfunction()

  1. FunctionDeclaration - you listed method but in PHP globl functions can also be defined  (actually you can unite the functions / methods declarations rule).

1.    function myFunc() {  }

2.    myFunc ();

3.    class A { function myMethod() {  } }

4.    $a = new A(); $a->myMethod ();


  1. Global “define” statements

1.    define( “ADMIN”, “administrator”);

2.    echo ADMIN;

And there are more J

Can you provide an example for each Semantic Highlighting you listed in the page?





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i have just written a will on the above page.

i have finished two semantic highlighting,and listed some other semantic highlightings that will be done.

i hope someone to see it if i missed some semantic highlightings,and maybe there aresome semantic highlightings that listed do not belong to pdt.

thank you in advance!

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