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Re: [pdt-dev] can i get ISourceModule from IStructuredDocumentRegion

hi, Michael
i extended the extension "org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui.semanticHighlighting"
as following:
 <extension point="org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui.semanticHighlighting">
here PHPStaticSemanticHighlighting need to implement ISemanticHighlighting interface
and there is a method public Position[] consumes(IStructuredDocumentRegion region); in ISemanticHighlighting interface ,so the context is i can get nothing except IStructuredDocumentRegion (actually XMLStructuredDocumentRegion).the method ISemanticHighlighting#consumes is called by SemanticHighlightingReconciler#reconcile (more or less 133rd line) .there is StructuredTextEditor in SemanticHighlightingReconciler,but i could not get it.if i the editor,i can get editorinput and the file,so i can use DLTKCore#create to get a ISourceModule ,but now i can only get IStructuredDocumentRegion ,nothing else!i search a lot in the pdt source but i did not find a way to get ISourceModule from IStructuredDocumentRegion.and in my oponion,ISourceModule must be relative to IScriptProject and IScriptFolder,so from IStructuredDocumentRegion ,it is hardly to find the corresponding ISourceModule (IScriptProject and IScriptFolder) it belongs to.i am sorry for my poor english:)
thank you very much!
best regards!