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[pdt-dev] bug - hardcoded editor id in XDebugModelPresentation (PHPModelPresentation, too) - pdt 2.1.0

I should’ve waited a day before I posted “plugin integration problem with pdt – changing editor”…my apologies.  I think now I’ve found the actual problem.  Recall the symptom is that even with a different editor associated with *.php in File Associations, when a PHP breakpoint is hit the file is opened in a “PHP Editor”.


In org.eclipse.php.internal.debug.ui.presentation.XDebugModelPresentation (and PHPModelPresentation), the getEditorId method has “org.eclipse.php.editor” hardcoded as the return value in the second case.  So no matter what, when a PHP breakpoint is hit, a PHP Editor is popped open.  Shouldn’t this method be finding the default editor for php, and returning the corresponding editor id?  Looks like that’s what org.eclipse.jdt.internal.debug.ui.JDIModelPresentation.getEditorId does.


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