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[pdt-dev] plugin integration problem with pdt - changing editor assocation

I am working with PDT 2.1.0 in Eclipse 3.5 M6.  We (SlickEdit) make an editor plug-in for Eclipse and are currently trying to get better integration with PDT, particularly with debugging capabilities: mainly setting breakpoints and stepping through code.  The issue is that when a debug session is started and the debugger stops at a breakpoint, Eclipse wants to open a PDT editor, not a SlickEdit editor.  I have integrated our plug-in with several other language support plug-ins for Eclipse (Flex Builder, CDT, etc.) and have never had a problem as such.  My hunch is that it has something to do with how the editor is defined, but I’m not sure…I’ll keep looking.  Hopefully this can shed some light on the problem, you might have a better idea than I:


I certainly have SlickEdit set as the default editor for *.php (phpfileassoc.png).  The reason why I think the problem might have something to do with how the editor is defined (and not something implemented in the debugger) is because even though I have SlickEdit set as the default editor, when I right click on a php file and do Open With, it still shows “PHP Editor”  selected (phpopenwith.png).  Other editor plug-ins do not have this behavior (try it with JDT and a Java file).


I have a breakpoint set in the SlickEdit editor (phpbp.png), and when I launch my website debug the breakpoint is hit, but a PDT editor is popped open, instead of going to the already open SlickEdit editor (phpeditor.png).  Also it seems confused…note that it has an SE icon at the top, but it’s clearly the PDT editor (?). 


Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in tracking this down.  PDT is a fantastic project and I think improved integration with SlickEdit will help expand both our user bases.


-          Ryan

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