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[pdt-dev] Re: [PROMOTE:FAILED:9] PDT HEAD Build 2.1.0 / N200902071407 promoted to download.eclipse.org [15:00]

I think these N builds are failing due to the recent changes to include icu4j 4.0.

Can someone have a look at changing PDT to adopt the new icu4j so that the builds will work again? Tomorrow is Galileo M5+3, and I suspect this is a blocker for your getting things done on time. :)

if you're wondering how I deduced this, here's the steps to reading failed build tea leaves:

1. Check promote log:


"No zips found to unpack."

3. Check build folder - no zips created.


4. Check build log - last 50 lines show missing plugins. Scrolling up, we see:

[eclipse.buildScript]   Missing required plug-in com.ibm.icu_[3.8.1,4.0.0).

You might also want to try building with newer (x.y.0M5) versions of the dependencies.


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