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[pdt-dev] Re: Source Code Formatter

2009/1/13 Edmund Hertle <farnion@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hey guys!

I'm quite new to the list, so maybe this was already discussed earlier.

What is the status of the Source Code Formatter? (Menu -> Source -> Format)
It seems like formating source code only cares about correct indentation.

Are there at the moment any plans of improving it?

I'm quite a noob to this topic but wouldn't it be possible to somehow "use" the Java Source Formatter? Like slightly changing the Formatter to properly fit to PHP Source?


As of no response I think this was already discussed. Can someone point me to the latest discussion or just give me a short status report on this?

I did some research on Bugzilla and found several requests related to this but no real offical statement from the dev-team.

Thank you.