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[pdt-dev] Re: FW: [Announce] PDT 2.0.1 M200901290831 is available

Until we resolve bug 262033, I've added you to the cc: list in /www/pdt/build/_common.php.

You might want to vote for this bug, and add pdt-dev@ to the list:


I've been super busy w/ JBoss stuff lately, so I haven't had time to investigate why these are failing. Logs are all on the server, accessible by http and ssh.


Actually, this looks like a no-brainer: the pattern match used for 2.1.0 builds includes Eclipse M (3.4) builds, and should only be using S and I builds (3.5). Fixed.


Roy Ganor wrote:
Hi Nick,
Any idea why the weekly 2.1 stream fails?

I don't receive the emails about fail/success with logs of weekly builds,
can I register for it in some way?

- Roy

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The following build [1] will be available at eclipse.org in the next
30-60 mins.

Updated release notes [2] should be updated within 24hrs.

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